SGC Promenade´s Lord Brumas de Avallon

Raça: Himalaia

Cor: Seal Point

Foxy Snickers

HI - Chocolate Point

GRC Homerkit's Mosesloose of Foxy

PS - Blue

GRC Kitty Charm Aplle Jack of HomerKit

PS - Red

Ch HomerKit Dazzle of QDPies

PS - Blue

Foxy Sweetness

PS - Chocolate

Kariston's Leroy Brown

PS - Chocolate

Foxy Bits of Chocolate Inside

HI - Seal Point

Prancenpaws Sugar Frosted Flakes

HI - Blue Tortie  Point

Prancenpaws Booster Shot

HI - Cream Point

Frenchcreek Rights Shot of Twinshire

HI - Blue Point

Prancenpaws Ivy

PS - Cream

Prancenpaws Rebecca Emily

PS - Blue Tortie

Ch Miara Bunicola of Jaymick

HI - Seal Point

Lotsapurr Amable Abigail

PS - Cream